Memphis' Top 5 Shopping Tips

To ensure swap meet success, the Memphis Flea Market is pleased to offer the following TOP FIVE SHOPPING TIPS:

  1. Create a plan or list of things you're looking for.  This will become your Shopping Help Guide, to guide your search and ensure you don't get distracted. Have fun and be flexible.  Scrap the plan if you see something you can't live without.
  2. Before you come, familiarize yourself with market.  This will help make certain you hit all your points of interest.
  3. Bring a list specific sizes and measurements.   
  4. Bring a tape measure, a calculator, a notebook and tote bag.
  5. Come early.

The Memphis Flea Market is designed to be a one-stop shopping resource for families, college students, seniors and anyone that loves to shop and likes to hunt for bargains.